General features and properties of insertion sequence elements

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The DEDD enzymes

DEDD enzymes are limited to transposases of the IS110 family at present (Tobiason, et al., 2001) and closely related to the Piv and MooV invertases from Moraxella lacunata/M. bovis (Fulks, et al., 1990, Rozsa, et al., 1997) and N. gonorrhoeae (Choi, et al., 2003, Skaar, et al., 2005) respectively. Piv catalyses inversion of a DNA segment permitting expression of a type IV pilin. However, the organization of IS110 family members and the inversion systems are different. In the IS, the recombinase is located within the element whereas in the inversion systems it is located outside the invertible segment (Buchner, et al., 2005).

Although it has proved difficult to determine the activity of these transposases in detail in vitro, transposition of ISs with DEDD Tpases may be unusual and involve HJ intermediates which must be resolved using a RuvC-like mechanism. This type of recombination would be consistent with the close relationship between DEDD transposases and the Piv/MooV invertases which presumably resolve HJ structures during inversion (Tobiason, et al., 1999).

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