General features and properties of insertion sequence elements

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Acknowledgements and Sources

Except where otherwise cited, the major part of the information included on this site is based on the following articles:

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We would also like to thank O. Barabas, A. Hickman and F. Dyda for providing the animated structural models.

We also acknowledge the contributions of other members of the ex-Chandler lab: A. Achard, M. Betermier, A. Caumont-Sarcos, A. Corneloup, G. Duval-Valentin, JM. Escoubas, P. Gamas, E. Guegen , C. Guynet, L. Haren,  S.He, L. Lavatine, C. Loot, B. Marty, C. Normand, P. Rousseau, P. Polard, N. Pouget, B. Ton Hoang, C. Turlan, AM. Varani, D. Zerbib.