• Family ISNCY
  • Group
MGE type ISRelated element(s) :
Isoform Synonym(s) ISRLdTAL1145-1
Accession numberTranspositionOriginHost
Y Leucaena diversifolia
Leucaena diversifolia TAL1145
Rhizobium sp.
DNA section
IS Length : 2500 bp


IR Length :


Insertion site

Left flankDirect repeatRight flankDR Length

DNA sequence

Protein section
ORF number : 0


ISLd1 was entrapped in the sacB gene of the positive selection vector pUCD800 by insertional inactivation (Rice et al., 1994). ISLd1 is closely related (but not identical) to ISp-RmUSDA1024-2 previously isolated by Simon et al. (1991). Note that based on their size and origin, both elements might belong to the IS66 family. ISLd1 copy number among Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium strains varies from 1 to 7.
1] Simon, R., Hätte, B., Klauke, B., and Kosier, B. (1991) J. Bacteriol. 173, 1502- 1508.
2] Rice, D.J., Somasegaran, P., MacGlashan, K., and Bohlool, B.B. (1994) Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 60, 4394-4403.