Reserved blocks of IS numbers previously attributed (Stanford University listing)

We recommend the use of the new nomenclature for additionnal sequences.

Note : some of these numbers appear to have been used by people who have not been registered. Please consult the general database.

IS numbers Registrant(s) Location at registration
(or reference)
  IS numbers Registrant(s) Location at registration
(or reference)
IS1-5 Szybalski, W. Szybalski (1977)   IS800-810 Mills, D. Corvallis, OR, USA
IS6, IS7 Saedler, H. Cologne, F.R.G. (mutants of IS2)   IS811-850 Solenberg, P. Indianapolis, IN, USA
IS8 Van Montagu, M Depicker et al. (1980)   IS851-860 Cho, D. Dong In-Dong, KOREA
IS9 unassigned Szybalski (1977)   IS861-865 Rubens, C. Seattle, WA, USA
IS10 Kleckner, N. Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.   IS866-870 Bonnard, G./Otten, L. Strasbourg, FRANCE
IS11-14 unassigned Szybalski (1977)   IS871-880 Cookson, R. London, UK
IS15-19 Courvalin, P. Paris, France   IS881-890 Schwartz, E. Berlin, FRG
IS20 Van Montagu, M. Ghent, Belgium   IS891-899 Wolk, C. Lansing, MI, USA
IS21-25 Holloway, B. Melbourne, Australia   IS900-902 Green, E. London, UK
IS26-40 Arber, W. Basel, Switzerland   IS903 Grindley, N. New Haven, CT, USA
IS41-49 Willetts, N. Edinburgh, U.K.   IS904-910 Dodd, H. Norwich, UK
IS50 Berg, D. St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.   IS911-930 Fayet, 0. Toulouse, FRANCE
IS51-59 Kosuge, T. Davis, CA, U.S.A.   IS931-940 Hoagland, R.
Chakrabarty, A.
Cincinnati, OH/
Chicago, IL, USA
IS60 Ooms, G. Leyden, The Netherlands   IS941 Forsberg, A. Umea, SWEDEN
IS61-69 Sciaki, D. Brookhaven, NY, U.S.A   IS941-945 Rasmussen, B. Pearl River, NY, USA
IS70-79 Hooykaas, P. Leyden, The Netherlands   IS946-949 Romero, D. Raleigh, NC, USA
IS81-90 Willetts, N. Edinburgh, U.K.   IS950-975 Osborn, J.
Jones, C
NCTC, London, UK
IS91-99 Zabala, J. Santander, Spain   IS976-980 Moss, M. London, UK
IS100 Portnoy, D. Seattle, WA, U.S.A.   IS981-985 McKay, L. St. Paul, MN, USA
IS101 Fischoff, D.
Vovis, G.
Zinder, N.
New York, NY, U.S.A.   IS986-995 Dale, J. Guildford, UK
IS102 Ohtsubo, E. Stony Brook, NY, U.S.A.   IS996-999 Vijayakumar, M. Stillwater, OK, USA
IS110-119 Chater, K. Norwich, U.K.   IS1000 Ashby, M. Aukland, NZ
IS120 Snedecor, B. So. San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.   IS1001-1005 van Embden, J. Bilthoven, NETHERLANDS
IS121-129 O'Connor, M.
Malamy, M.
Boston, MA, U.S.A.   IS1006-1015 Nikiforov, V. Moscow, USSR
IS130-139 Tu, C.-P. State Coll. PA, U.S.A.   IS1016-1030 Kroll, J. Oxford, UK
IS140 Piepersberg, W. Munich, F.R.G.   IS1031-1050 Coucheron, 0. Trondheim, NORWAY
IS141-145 Yamamoto, T. Chiba, Japan   IS1051-1060 Guesdon, J.-L. Paris, FRANCE
IS146-149 Piepersberg, W. Munich, F.R.G.   IS1061-1065 Winans, S. Ithaca, NY, USA
IS150-158 Rak, B. Freiburg, F.R.G.   IS1066-1070 de Vos, W. Ede, NETHERLANDS
IS159 Piepersberg, W. Munich, F.R,G.   IS1071-1075 Wyndham, R. Ottawa, CANADA
IS160-169 Wiedemann, B. Bonn, F.R.G.   IS1076-1080 Novel, G. Caen, FRANCE
IS170-175 Deonier, R. Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.   IS1081-1085 Collins, 0. Upper Huti, NZ
IS176-185 Strike, P. Liverpool, U.K.   IS1086-1095 Dong, Q. Boeretang, BELGIUM
IS186-190 Jones, D. Vancouver, Canada   IS1096-1100 Jacobs, W. jr. New York, NY, USA
IS191-199 Macrina, F. Richmond, VA, U.S.A.   IS1101-1105 Rinckel, L.
Savage, D.
Knoxville, TN, USA
IS200 Roth, J. Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.A.   IS1106-1110 McFadden, j. Guilford, UK
IS201-220 Tally, F.
Malamy, M.
Boston, MA, U.S.A.   IS1111 Hoover, T. Frederick, MO, USA
IS221-225 Koprinski, A. Kingston, Canada   IS1112-1120

White, F.
Gonzales, C.
Nelson. R.
Manhattan, KS, USA
IS226-230 Kotarski, S. Washington, DC, U.S.A.   IS1121-1125 Oleson, A. Fargo, NO, USA
IS231-250 Mahillon, J.
Delcour, J.
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium   IS1126-1130 Roberts, I. Leicester, UK
IS251-255 Shoemaker, N. Urbana, IL, U.S.A.   IS1131 Wabiko, H. Akita, JAPAN
IS256-280 Skurray, R. Melbourne, Australia   IS1132 Ratti, G. Siena, ITALY
IS281-290 Sladkova, 1. Moscow, U.S.S.R.   IS1132-1135 Jones, A. East Lansing, MI, USA
IS291-299 Lessie, T. Amherst, MA, U.S.A.   IS1136 Arthur, M. Paris, FRANCE
IS300-399 Goebel, W. Würzburg, F.R.G.   IS1137 Garcia, M. Madrid, SPAIN
IS400-420 Lessie, T. Amherst, MA, U.S.A.   IS1138    
IS421-425 Sato, S. Tokyo,Japan   IS1139    
IS426-430 Vanderleyden, J. Heverlee, Belgium   IS1140    
IS431-435 Berger-Bächi, B. Zürich, Switzerland   IS1141-1150 Via, L.
Falkinham, J. III
Blecksburg ,VA, USA
IS436-455 Dietz, A.
Upjohn Co.
Kalamazoo, MI, U.S.A.   IS1165 Johansen, E. Horsholm, OENMMRK
IS456-465 Tanaka, M. Chiba, JAPAN   IS1380 Takemura, H. Tokyo, JAPAN
IS466-475 Cullum, J. Manchester, UK
(now at LB Genetik, Kaiserslautern, DE)
  IS1647-1656 Sanger Center
IS476-480 Kearney, B.
Staskawicz, B./
Berkeley, CA, USA   IS1657-1659  ???? ????
IS481-490 McLafferty, M. Charlottesville, VA, USA   IS1660-1672 Sanger Center
IS491 Schwartz, E. Berlin, FRG   IS3411 Ishiguro, N. Obihiro, JAPAN
IS492 Bartlett, D. San Diego, CA, USA   IS4351 Macrina, F. Richmond, VA, USA
IS 493-499 Solenberg, P. Indianapolis, IN, USA   IS5075 Brown, N. Birmingham, UK.
IS500-599 Berg, D. St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.   IS5376-5380 Sheng, Z.-O. Shanghai, CHINA
IS600-604 Ohtsubo, E. Tokyo, Japan   IS6100-6150 Davies, J. Paris, FRANCE
IS605-607 Berg, D. St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.        
IS608-700 Ohtsubo, E. Tokyo, Japan        
IS701-799 Tandeau de Marsac, N.
Houmard, J.
Paris, FRANCE        

last modification : october 25 2001